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General, Family and Cosmetic Dental Care in NW Calgary
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Pediatric Dentistry in NW Calgary

We love kids and they love us!

General dentists Dr. Verma, Dr. Kulshrestha and Dr. Dowsett care for your whole family by offering pediatric dentistry for kids. Our Calgary clinic dentists have the specific knowledge needed to care for children's teeth properly, so young patients can grow up loving their smile (and their dentists!)

We take special care of child patients

NW Calgary Pediatric Dentist

Children may be jittery about coming to a dental clinic based on what they've seen on TV and heard from others. We understand how they feel, which is why our staff gives special attention to our many young patients. We speak directly to every child, explaining terms and treatments in ways they can understand.

We also take steps to make children's dentistry appointments a positive experience. Putting a familiar show on the overhead TV will relieve anxiety while one of our dentists looks over your child's teeth. Kids even get cool sunglasses to wear so the overhead light doesn't bother their eyes. And they'll be happy to receive a toy after the appointment is through!

We'll make absolutely sure your child enjoys the appointment and feels comfortable.

We'll keep your child smiling from their first tooth

NW Pediatric Dentistry Calgary

Think your child is too young to visit a dentist? The Canadian Dental Association recommends an infant's teeth be assessed within six months of the first tooth and then every six months after. Our staff loves working with kids – we welcome all child patients, from infants to teens.

During a pediatric dentistry visit, our dentists will:

  • Make the experience comfortable and fun for your child
  • Get to know your child and their unique needs
  • Examine your child's teeth to observe and address any problems
  • Talk about good brushing and flossing habits

Regular care is important for children's teeth

Pediatric dentistry in Calgary

Regular brushing with a small amount of toothpaste is important at any age. Just like adults, kids should brush their teeth twice per day, especially right before bed so bacteria don't promote decay overnight. Children under 3 years need an adult to brush their teeth for them. From 3 to 6 years, they can brush their own teeth with adult assistance.

Our dentists can answer your questions regarding pediatric dentistry, including questions on pacifiers, thumb sucking, fluoride, brushing, flossing, tooth decay in baby teeth, and losing baby teeth.

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