Root Canal Treatment

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root canal treatment in calgary

The root canal is actually part of your tooth

The inside of every tooth contains a chamber of dental pulp that keeps your tooth healthy. It's made up of blood vessels, nerves and tissue that nourish the tooth and allow you to sense heat and cold.

If the pulp chamber becomes damaged, bacteria can grow inside it. This can lead to inflammation, drainage problems, or an abscessed tooth. This is when root canal treatment may be needed.

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Getting Root Canal Treatment in Calgary

If it's decided that root canal treatment is the appropriate treatment for your discomfort, these are the steps we will take to treat the issue:

  • Numb the tooth

  • Create an opening through the crown down to the pulp chamber

  • Remove unhealthy pulp

  • Fill the chamber with a material called gutta-percha

  • Place a temporary filling on top

The general dentists in our Calgary clinic perform root canal treatments regularly, as tooth pain caused by damaged pulp isn't uncommon. Our friendly staff will provide you with a comfortable experience so you can walk out of our office free from any pain.

Root Canal Treatment isn't as bad as you think

Root canal treatment has a reputation for being painful, but with today's modern techniques and proper anesthetics, treatment will be a lot like placing a standard filling. The association of root canal treatment with pain is typically due to the discomfort you'll feel before treatment, which we will remedy.

You have options…Root canal treatment can be completed with dental sedation, if you prefer.

Signs you may need Root Canal Treatment

These symptoms may indicate the need for root canal treatment at our Calgary clinic:

  • Pain when you apply pressure to a tooth (e.g. biting)

  • A tooth begins to darken in color

  • Your gums feel tender or swollen

  • A small bump on your gums that won't go away

  • Increased or lingering sensitivity to cold or heat

Common causes of dental pulp damage

Sometimes there are no symptoms, or your symptoms may be connected to a different condition. Book an appointment at our clinic to see if a root canal treatment is the best option for you.

  • Large cavity

  • Grinding and clenching

  • Cracked/chipped tooth

  • Trauma to the tooth

  • Infection in pulp chamber (nerve)

  • Deep filling

Understanding your insurance coverage for Root Canal Treatment

Most basic dental insurance plans cover root canal treatment. If you're not sure about whether your plan will cover this procedure, book a complimentary consultation to speak with our friendly staff about your coverage.

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