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Sedation Dentistry in Calgary

Treatment without anxiety. Relax through your dental appointment. It's easy!

Alleviate your anxiety at the dentist's office

Our caring staff understands you may be nervous when you come in to our Calgary NW dental clinic. Whether you're anxious about a particular treatment or you're frightened about going to the dentist altogether, you're not alone in how you feel! Sedation dentistry is common and lets you relax while we care for your teeth.

Minimal to moderate sedation is often enough to alleviate any anxiety associated with dentistry, including recollection of your dental visit, and any of the sights, sounds, smells and feelings experienced during a dental procedure.

If you've been putting off coming to the dentist because of fear or anxiety, oral conscious sedation is an excellent option. Don't let your fears prevent you from caring for your teeth. You deserve a beautiful, healthy smile without the fear.

Book a complimentary consultation and talk with our friendly dentists about your sedation options. You may be surprised how often it's covered by your dental insurance!

Benefits of sedation dentistry

  • Relaxation before and during treatment
  • Minimal memory of the treatment
  • Relaxed gag reflex
  • Treatment seems like it only takes a few minutes
  • In some cases, more work can be done per appointment, reducing repeat visits
NW Calgary Sedation Dentistry

Safe, routine sedation options

Sedation dentistry is a safe method of keeping you comfortable during your dental treatment. In Calgary NW, We offer this option because our dentists care about your comfort, not just your teeth. Sedation is a simple, routine method of relaxing patients that is reliable.

No matter what negative experiences you've had in a dentist's office before, sedation dentistry keeps you relaxed while we care for your teeth.

Sedation dentistry is covered by most dental health plans

If you're not sure whether your dental plan will cover sedation, schedule a complimentary consultation and we will review what is covered in your plan.

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