Is Sedation Dentistry For You?

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If you have any fear, phobia or difficulty getting yourself into the dentist for regular cleanings and checkups, sedation dentistry might be for you.

If you have been avoiding any critical dental treatments you may need, or if you are in pain that you have not seen a dentist for, sedation dentistry could be right for you too!

Sedation dentistry allows you to receive urgent dental work, as well as reaping the benefits of regular dental visits, without all of the stress and anxiety you have been experiencing. By putting you at ease using medication taken beforehand or in our clinic, patients can feel a sense of calm coming to the dentist that will support you to get through the treatment with very little discomfort.

There are various sedation options including laughing gas (nitrous oxide), oral sedation (prescription pills) and IV sedation. Each option has its own purpose and your dentist can help you to decide which option works best for you and your unique situation.

Sedation dentistry offers many benefits to our patients including:

1. Reduce Fear & Anxiety - Taking sedatives makes it almost impossible to feel stress or anxiety. This means that you can arrive at your appointment without and of the anxiousness you may have in the past. It also means that you will feel calm during your appointment, creating less trauma and negative memories going forward.

2. Minimize Gag Reflex & Sensitivity - Those with an easily triggered gag reflex or sensitive gums know that dental treatment can be very challenging and possibly painful. By taking advantage of sedation options, you can deactivate your gag reflex and eliminate sensitivity discomfort, which will make your dental procedures quicker and more comfortable.

3. Pain Relief - Sedation deactivates your pain response as well, so using certain types of sedation can ensure that you do not feel the pain created by some procedures.

4. Fewer Appointments Required - When your dentist is focused solely on the procedure and is not working around any anxiety, sensitivity or pain that you may be experiencing, they can work much faster. You will also be able to handle longer sessions and procedures. Sedation dentistry makes everything run much smoother, therefore fewer appointments are required to complete important dental work.

If any of these benefits sound like a relief to you, sedation dentistry is likely to help you get the critical oral treatment you need without the stress and anxiety that has come with it in the past.

Most patients who have tried sedation dentistry wish they had done it sooner. The sense of calm that comes with facing dental care without fear is immeasurable and the confidence of having great oral care and a beautiful smile is well worth the extra step.

To find out if sedation dentistry is right for you, reach out us today to discuss your options.

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