Your Child’s First Trip To The Dentist

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Many parents wonder when the best time is to bring your child to the dentist. At Northmount Dental Care in NW Calgary, we understand how busy life can be and when you are raising a family, sometimes it’s hard to have someone take care of your little ones while you prioritize your own health care. That is why at Northmount Dental Care we welcome you to bring your children with you to the dentist when you visit. Our warm and welcoming atmosphere is child friendly and your visit to the dentist will be stress free while your children are in a safe and welcoming space.

Not only does this make scheduling easier for you, but it is also a wonderful way to get your child familiarized with the dental office, its staff and the entire process of visiting the dentist. Your child will start to learn that it is a safe place. Visiting the dentist can be very overwhelming for the first time, especially if your child is expected to sit through a cleaning or exam on their very first visit to a place filled with machines and people in scrubs! So bringing your child to your appointments will allow them to see first hand what the process involves, gives them an opportunity to meet your dentist and get to know some of our staff’s friendly faces.

Ideally your child should be coming to the dentist for check ups and general exams at the first sign of teeth cutting through. It’s a good idea to keep the routine visits simple and quick, which can be done easily if your child attends regular check ups with us at Northmount Dental Care. Delaying a visit to your dentist may mean more time in the chair for your child and that can be avoided with correct dental care both in the home and here at Northmount Dental Care.

Our staff is trained and experienced in working with young children. As parents themselves, the owners of Northmount Dental Care Sonya and Rahul are passionate about providing great care for you and your family and helping your newest family members to build confidence when visiting the dentist and learning good dental health care habits from an early age that will last them a lifetime.

We welcome any questions regarding your family’s dental health care and gladly welcome your young children to join you when you come for your dental check ups too.

Contact our team with any questions you may have or schedule your appointment today. We would love to welcome your new family members to our list of wonderful clients!

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