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Technologies Used at Northmount Dental Care

See how we perform with precision, visualize clearly, and improve your comfort and satisfaction with the use of modern technology

The general dentists and staff at our clinic care about your comfort. We have invested in dental technologies that result in a more comprehensive assessment of your needs, and beneficial treatment for your dental needs.

Gentle laser dentistry

Laser dentistry can be used to treat gum disease and periodontal disease. These common dental ailments create small infection-prone pockets between your teeth and gums and weakens the bone keeping your teeth in place. Our dentists can use laser dentistry control the bacteria causing your gum disease, all the while maintaining your comfort.

Gummy smiles are also treatable with our soft tissue laser. Excess gum tissue is removed and gums are reshaped (gum recontouring) to give you a more even looking smile.

The iTero 3D Scanner

The iTero is a precision 3D scanner used to take digital impressions. It can be used for crowns and bridges and also for Invisalign patients. It creates a digitally precise scan which is used to create accurate records of your mouth, virtually eliminating multiple impressions. This also shortens the adjustment times required to fit a custom crown or appliance.

Our patients love that the goopy impression material is no longer needed, especially those with a strong gag reflex.

All-in-all the iTero provides a more comfortable patient experience, and produces a highly accurate fit for crowns, bridges, Invisalign clear braces and other custom appliances.

Cold sores & canker sores

If you've ever suffered from a painful cold sore or canker sore, gentle laser dentistry can relieve your discomfort within about 2 minutes of treatment. There's no need for a needle, and it can cut your sore time in half.

Cameras for inside your mouth

Our intra-oral camera is another tool that allows you to be more involved in your dental health. Our staff can take snapshots or give you a live video tour of the inside of your mouth. You'll see what Dr. Kulshrestha and Dr. Verma see, and have a better understanding of any present issues. Intra-oral cameras give you, the patient, better information so you can make the best decision for your oral health. A picture says a thousand words!

Digital radiography

We are able to get a clear picture of your dental health by using digital x-ray technology. Images are saved directly to our server so we can examine the results immediately.

The digital x-rays produce a clearer and larger image than traditional x-rays, which allow the dentists to zoom and manipulate the images in many ways to aid with your diagnosis.

The best part is that digital x-rays produce significantly less radiation! They are also environmentally friendly because no harsh chemicals are required to develop the images.


Northmount Dental Care complies with the highest standards in preventing and controlling infection as laid out by the Alberta Dental Association. We take proper sterilization seriously because it's paramount to your health and safety.

Our clinic employ's a Sci-Can Hydrim instrument washer for disinfection and Midmark M11 sterilizers. Each cycle is monitored and tested for efficacy to ensure the sterilization of your instruments is always complete and successful.

Our Sterilization Center is the heart of the clinic floor. It's central and visible behind clear glass, so you can always see processing in action. You should feel comfortable asking our staff about your instruments and the processes used to keep them safe.

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